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    Pilihan Warna:

      RJ Thinner is a multipurpose thinner that can be used to dilute conventional paints based on alkyd, Nitro Cellulose and Acrylic.

      Packaging size : 400ml

      1. The product must be stored below 25°C, the storage conditions for this product must be dry, well ventilated, away from sources of heat and explosion.
      2. Keep the product out of the reach of children. Cans must be stored in tightly closed conditions.
      3. This product is flammable, andgerous, can cause lung damage if swallowed.
      4. Repeated direct contact can result in dryness of the skin.
      5. Use rubber gloves.
      6. Avoid direct contact with skin.
      7. Do not breathe vapor or spray.
      8. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the packaging or label.
      9. Avoid throwing directly into the environment.
      10. Do not throw the rest of the paint into drains, dispose of it where permitted in accorandce with applicable laws and regulations.
      11. Do not throw this product into the channel, it is andgerous for aquatic organisms, in the long run it can cause adverse effects on the aquatic environment.
      12. Be careful when transporting this product. If spilled, sprinkle sand or soil on the spill area then clean it.
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