About Us


RJ London Chemical is a paints manufacturing company, established in year 1977.
The factory located in Tangerang – Indonesia and Export office in Singapore.
Ourproducts have been distributed to all Indonesian provinces and exported to
the South East Asia countries


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Water Base

Water-based paints are formulated with resins which have a different chemical composition than those used in conventional (solvent-based) paint. The acrylic chemistry is very similar to that used in acrylic plastic sheet and moulding powder, with well known applications, including outdoor illuminated signs, street light covers and rear-light covers.

Solvent Base

Solvents are substances intended for dissolving, diluting or separating products � in this instance paints and varnishes. Industrial paint applications are often limited to organic solvents. In DIY paints, solvents are still found relatively often in paints for wood surfaces.