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      PREMIUM PAINT REMOVER SPRAY is a very effective paint removal liquid for removing various types of paint with their respective characteristics. This product has a ‘biodegradable’ material and low toxicity. Cannot be used on plastic surfaces (e.g. ABS plastic).

      Packaging size : 400 cc


      GET RID OF : 

      • lacquer paint, wall paint, synthetic paint, oil, ink, and gasket glue

      HOW TO USE :

      1. Clean the surface where the paint will be removed so that it is free from dust, oil or other impurities so that the Paint Remover can work optimally on the surface of the paint layer to be removed.
      2. Wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles and masks before spraying this Paint Remover product.
      3. Shake the can for 60 seconds until you feel the bearings rattling freely in the can, so that the liquid can be mixed evenly.
      4. Hold the can upright with a distance of ± 20-30 cm from the surface of the paint which will be removed. Spray Paint Remover on the paint layer, just spray it thick once.
      5. Wait a few minutes for the Paint Remover to seep into the paint layer, then the paint layer can be easily removed with a spatula or with a duster.
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